In Italy the education system is public, so, it is largely managed by the State. But, there are also private schools and universities.

One year old children can be attend the kindergarten.

From the age of three until the age of six years old, children attend the primary school.

From the age of six until the age of sixteen, children enter the period of compulsory education (by law children must go to school). Initially, from the age of six until the age of eleven, children attend the five years of primary school also called  elementary. From eleven years old, until thirteen years old, children attending the secondary school.

At the end of the secondary school, students must take an examination. If final grades are not good, the student may be rejected and forced to repeat the school year.

If the student passes the final exam, then enter the last stage of compulsory education, ending with the first two years of high school. So, in Italy the compulsory education lasts from the age of six till the age of fifteen.

Students, who decide to attend the University, must attend the next three years of the high school, which is divided into 3 categories: classic or scientific high schools, technical colleges (accountants, surveyors, etc) and professional schools (agriculture, environment, industry and commerce, health care, etc).

At the end of the last three years of the high school, students must take an examination, calledesame di maturità”, in order to obtain thediploma di maturitàand consequently to attend the University and faculty they wish.

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